From PVC pipe bean shooters to Renewable Energy Microgrids

This is a REAL place…

The best part about writing about projects year(s) after they are done is the mandatory travel time to Nostalgialand.  Revisit some of my favorite things I’ve built? Yes please.

<aka “it’s okay to procrastinate Nick”>

Pops gave me free reign as a kid in his garage full of tools and “junk” from the day I was buff enough to swing a hammer. I am more passionate than ever about building seemingly arbitrary stuff every day and I am forever grateful for the freedom, support and encouragement to break, dismantle, short, mix, burn, solder and reconstruct stuff during my childhood – let’s all pass this type of support to everyone we can!

The only sounds greater than the hum of the solar array transformers for the first time were the sounds of laughs and high fives coming from a bunch of hard working passionate engineers the day we completed the project.  I was so fortunate to have worked with some of the most incredible people I’ve ever come across and the lasting friendships built while working on engineering projects like these are one of the best side effects of long hard days.