Simonne Jones – “Gravity” (Peaches Remix) Video

“Adding new tools to the toolbox” type projects are my favorites.  I get to develop skills in technologies and tools that have always been of interest.  What makes them even better is when the artist that commissions you to do the project gives you complete creative freedom.  Cherry on top is doing this for two people you greatly admire, Simonne Jones and Peaches.

SJ: “Can you create a video using space images for Peaches’ remix of Gravity?”

Ay+: “Ok. I got this”

One of my tenets of invention is to take relatively simple concepts and turn them into complex design systems described by mathematics and algorithms.  This is the polar opposite of what I try to do as an educator.  However, it doubles as a great exercise in understanding how to create learning experiences that are educational, fun and interesting for my students.

Gravity Rmxd

Every ounce of matter and energy in existence is confined in a singularity.  It explodes.  The multiverse forms, and along with it countless universes evolve including Alt.Univ, a parallel yet analogous, universe to the only one known to humanity.  Alt.Erth, a planet similar to Earth, develops an unrelenting and inexplicable grip on an observer due to the dominant force Alt.Grav.  The observer is involuntarily forced on a journey through Alt.Univ from its inception to her meeting point with on Alt.Erth’s surface.  Along the journey she observes the discomforting display of the strange physics and mathematics that govern Alt.Univ.

30 days straight of  being engulfed in this project…I composed it at 60FPS…it was converted at 30FPS… oh well, F it.

So what technical skills/resources did I pick up?

  • Video/photo editing and animation using the Adobe Creative Suite
  • Programming in After Effects
  • A massive library of open source science and space images
  • An in-depth understanding of NASA and other government agency’s image policies
  • Small business insurance for creative ventures
  • Citations/credits for using open source images in commercial applications

Oh and is the sh!t.

Ay+ in the cut…(busted with the Ghiradellis)